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French Drains

Installing a French drain will give you the peace of mind that you will not come home to a flooded basement. Also having the knowledge that your foundation walls are protected from any damage from frost, water, erosion and movement due to any and all of these common foundation problems.

Pyrite Renoval

Pyrite is a sulphite mineral which reacts to humidity and oxygen, making the pyrite swell. First signs are in the floors with cracking and heaving.

Pyrite damage can extend to the foundation walls. The greater the thickness, the greater the damage can be. The removal steps are as follows.

Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane injection is the most common repair for basement leaks. Polyurethane injection is a versatile product used exclusively in the water proofing of concrete foundation walls and structures.

Garage and Basement Replacement
Out with the old and in with the new we demo and remove existing floor to replace with new and finished concrete.

All substrate is removed (dirt/gravel) up to 12 inches. All cracks in foundation are sealed with hydraulic cement.

Old concrete and concrete slabs of all kinds can demolished and removed. No slabs are too big or too small.
Crack Repair

Crack in your foundation? Leaking moisture inside your basement? We use top quality water proofing materials to fix the problem. Exterior repair is the most effective solution for the repair of your foundation. The process is as follows.

Window Wells

Water seeping through your basement windows? Damaged non-functional window well? We can help! The process is as follows.

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